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Genesis WarmCore

WarmCore Aluminium Windows, Bifolds and Patio Doors

Aluminium windows and doors are desirable for their aesthetics and durability but are often perceived to be too cold to put in our homes. Not anymore. Now there is a warm aluminium option that offers unparalleled insulation. Genesis WarmCore windows are 25% more thermally efficient than traditional aluminium systems. Available as casement or tilt and turn windows, and with a flush sash option that brings the outer frame perfectly level with the opening part of the window.

More than just an aluminium window

Genesis WarmCore windows come with superb security to keep you and your home safe and their thermal performance exceeds Building Regulations’ requirements.

Warm, strong and secure

With a U-Value of 1.3 when double glazed – below the Building Regulation requirement of 1.6 and a range of colour options available, Genesis WarmCore windows are the perfect way to bring the modern, sleek look of aluminium into your home.

Add choice of colour

Genesis WarmCore windows come in a choice of 2 powder coated colours that can be used in combination where required, so if you want the grey aluminium look outside, but a fresher white appearance inside, with Genesis WarmCore windows, you can. There are also more colours available for the Bifold and Patio which offer Cream and black in addition to white and grey and can also be used as contrasting internally and externally

Innovation in aluminium

Genesis WarmCore windows have a unique full width thermal core that ensures the very best in thermal efficiency, without compromising on design. Graf-welded for quality and precision, the Genesis WarmCore window is truly outstanding in its field.

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