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Genesis Bifold 24


No other bifold door comes close…

Designed to connect your home and garden in a way no other door can. Bifold24 is a warm, secure and extremely versatile bifold system. Available in a wide range of colours and options, Bifold24 is ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency. PAS24 enhanced security compliant and can be configured in 19 different ways, in combinations of anything from one to seven panes.

More than just a bifold door

Nothing Outperforms Genesis Bifold24.

From ‘A’ rated energy efficiency and PAS24 enhanced security compliance. Also available in a wide range of colours and options, Genesis Bifold24 has it all.

A Choice of Colour

The Genesis Collection is all about taking something great and making it even better. With Bifold24, the range of stunning colours and woodgrain finishes helps do just that. Genesis Bifold24 comes in 30 beautiful colours, in any combination you choose.

Want one colour outside and a different one inside to complement your home décor? With Bifold24 you can.

To add the perfect finishing touch, we have a suite of sleek bespoke hardware in a range of colours. Not only do they look fantastic, they meet and exceed modern security standards and offer enhanced security PAS24 compliance, giving you complete peace of mind.

Market leading performance & design

High performance where it matters, Genesis Bifold24 offers superb energy efficiency and excellent security. It is ultimate in versatility; whatever you want it to do, it can be configured to meet your needs.

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